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Its costs you when you do not know!!
We are making CCTV monitoring using PC Security DVR and cameras affordable.

Do you know your employees, babysitters, housekeepers, kids,
or your neighborhood?

For the simple peace of mind.
Video Surveillance is affordable for everyone now.

We have assembled a package to suit your budget.
Protect your home or business with your own personal video surveillance system.

We are your total ONSITE business and home solution.
Computer services by Engineers

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Custom Built Computers

High performance PCs made the way you need it. Locally delivered and serviced.
Built with the AMD 64, AMD 64 X2, Intel P4, or P4 DUO.

Servicing your computer from overseas is no way to go. We build in the USA, deliver, and support them onsite. Our clients have tried the brand names and stayed with us.
FACT - a PC is not built like a car. The name on the box usually has no relation to the manufacturer of the internal parts. The internal part makers usually do not sell the PCs. So the name on the box just picked and assembled the parts. They picked the parts, you bought the box. You call overseas for help through the phone support maze, but this can all be done locally.
How about you pick the parts and features you prefer. We deliver the PC to you, set it up, show you how to use it or how to use the new options. When you need assistance, a local call direct to us. We will fix it or be there to assist you. We have been local builders and for over 17 years. We were bulding with the 80386 and now with the AMD AM3 or FX or the Intel line upto i7, it doesn't matter, its what works for your budget and application.
We build NEW systems and refurbish Brand systems. We support them all. There are many styles of cases, pick what you want.
Price - We can match or beat most prices while offering a system custom built for you.
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Ready to install 16 channel system with 16 input camera ready DVR and 8 cameras.