Computer, Networking, and Video Surveillance Professionals

Its costs you when you do not know!!
We are making CCTV monitoring using PC Security DVR and cameras affordable.

Do you know your employees, babysitters, housekeepers, kids,
or your neighborhood?

For the simple peace of mind.
Video Surveillance is affordable for everyone now.

We have assembled a package to suit your budget.
Protect your home or business with your own personal video surveillance system.

We are your total ONSITE business and home solution.
Computer services by Engineers

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Frequently Asked Questions (continued)
Questions before ordering? Check here first!
You can use your FAQ page to answer questions commonly asked about your business and services. This is a great place to alleviate customer concerns. You can also include links to other pages of your site that may include more detailed information about an issue, or your phone number so customers can talk to you directly.
Q Do you guarantee your products or services?
A Yes, we offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on all products as long as you return the product in good condition with the original packaging materials. Please call for a return number. Click here for more information.

Q What if I don't want to give my credit card over the Internet?
A That's fine, simply continue through the ordering process until it asks you for a credit card number, then simply choose "moneyorder" or "phone" as a payment option and we will receive your order electronically. You can then give us your credit card number over the phone, send a money order, or send payment through PAYPAL, and as soon as we receive payment, we'll ship your order.

Q Im new to computers and I dont want to undertake the DVR PCI card install.
A The installation is very basic and can be performed by anyone who had installed like sound or graphic cards. Make sure opening your case does not void warranty. If your in Chicagoland, we can install onsite, if not, any computer service tech in your area should be able install these cards.

Q After fitting a lens to an existing camera, I can't focus the camera properly anymore.
A When selecting a new lens note the camera's specification. Fitting a 'C' mount lens onto a 'CS' mount only camera. Because a C mount lens requires a greater distance between the lens and the camera sensor than a CS mount lens, it will be impossible to back focus the camera without the aid of a spacer ring (CSA CS to C adapter). In some cases, the combination of CS mount camera and C mount lens can cause damage to the camera sensor if fitted without an adapter.

Q What is CCTV?
A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system which operates on a "closed loop" basis. Unlike normal television which is available to anyone with a suitable receiver. CCTV pictures/images are only available to those directly connected to a central combiner of video such as DVRs, switchers and quads, even a single camera connected to a TV is a CCTV system.